37 government agencies floated 236 tenders worth 1.8 billion dinars in 2021

Official data shows the total value of tenders awarded in Kuwait during 2021 increased 5 times, reaching 1.849 billion dinars, compared to 303.45 million dinars at the end of 2020, while the data showed that the year 2021 witnessed the awarding of about 236 tenders by 37 different government agencies.

A local Arabic daily has learned the tender award data in Kuwait during 2021 showed that the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy ranked first in terms of the most government agencies that were awarded tenders, as it acquired 21.5 contracts out of the total number of 50 contracts, while the Ministry of Health comes in second place floating 25 contracts, representing about 10.59% of the total contracts awarded during the year.

Two entities ranked third in terms of the highest number of contracts awarded, the first of which is the Ministry of Education, and the second is the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources floating 13 contracts each of them, while Kuwait University ranked fourth with 11 contracts.

Three government agencies ranked fifth, the Ministry of Works, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training and the Public Fire Force, with 9 contracts each, while the Civil Service Commission and the Kuwait Oil Company ranked sixth with 8 contracts each.

As for the lowest tenders in that list included the Central Bank of Kuwait, the Fatwa and Legislation Department, the Audit Bureau, the Investment Promotion Authority, the Cabinet Secretariat, the National Petroleum Company and the Public Authority for Youth, the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, the Environment Public Authority, and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development with one tender each.

The figures show that there are 7 government agencies out of 37 that account for 91% of the value of the tenders that were awarded in 2021, and at the top of those bodies is the Kuwait Oil Company, which ranked first in terms of the highest value for anchor tenders, as it acquired 1.32 billion dinars from the value of awards for 8 tenders, including 3 that acquired 1.16 billion dinars, including 339.7 million dinars for the supply of lining pipes, 381.58 million dinars for the North Kuwait project for drilling, transportation and processing, and 447,161 for the South Kuwait project for drilling, transportation and processing.

The Ministry of Health ranked second in terms of value, with awards amounting to 110.58 million dinars, while in the third place came the Ministry of Electricity and Water, with tenders amounting to 107.23 million dinars, and the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company came in fourth place with tenders worth 68.06 million dinars, while fifth was the Ministry of Education’s tenders With a value of 31.32 million dinars, PAAAFR came sixth with 20.5 million dinars, while the Public Authority for Civil Information came seventh with 17.97 million dinars.

In a related context, the Central Agency for Public Tenders called on the public contracting contractors previously classified with it in accordance with the provisions of the repealed Law No. 37 of 1964, to quickly update their data so that their classification category is re-evaluated in accordance with the Agency’s circular No. 1/2020 regarding the reorganization of the rules, procedures and standards for classifying contractors. General contracting mentioned in Circular 4/2019, according to 4 main segments and specializations, which are infrastructure, buildings, mechanical works, and electricity.

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