4 dental clinics in Jahra to operate until midnight

Head of the Dental Services Unit in the Jahra Health Region Dr. Anwar Al-Shammari announced that dental clinics in four health centers in the area will be operating until midnight to provide dental services to the residents of Jahra Governorate, including normal, emergency, and urgent cases, Al-Anbaa daily reported. The extended hours are in line with the directives of the Assistant Undersecretary for Dental Services, Dr. Mishaal Al-Kandari, and the Director of the Jahra Health District, Dr. Muhammad Awaida Al-Ajmi.

Dr. Al-Shammari added that the four health centers are the Taima Dental Health Center, Saad Al-Abdullah Health Center Block 2, Al-Waha Health Center, and Sulaibiya Southern Health Center. He said that there is a plan to increase the number of centers providing this service in the future, if needed. The clinics will provide all dental services, including fillings, extractions, and other treatments. Medical and nursing staff have been provided to operate the clinics, as well, and more staff will be added accordingly.

In another context, Dr. Al-Shammari revealed that a clinic has been opened at Jahra Hospital 2 to provide dental services to patients in the hospital. The clinic provides all dental treatments, and is staffed by qualified dentists and technical support personnel.

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