ABS students visit Kuwait Times and Kuwait News

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: The American Baccalaureate School (ABS) students visited Kuwait Times and Kuwait News on Thursday on a field trip to learn more about the history of the newspaper as the first English daily in the Arabian Gulf since 1961 and about the different sections of the newspaper, such as editorial, studio, print, and circulation departments.

During their visit, the students were warmly welcomed by Public Relations and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb who took the students on a tour around the building and its departments. The students were informed about the work in each section, explaining the process of news gathering, writing and editing, and how a newspaper is produced on a daily basis.

The tour provided students with a real-world glimpse into the world of journalism. The participating students, primarily consisting of young females from the Journalism club and their male counterparts from the film studies program, were given the unique opportunity to witness the working activities of the Kuwait Times.

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