Ahli bank holds annual bowling tournament

KUWAIT: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) recently organized its annual staff bowling tournament, demonstrating its commitment to fostering strong relationships among employees and promoting the importance of sports for maintaining good health. The annual bowling tournament, which witnessed healthy competition amongst staff members, included the participation of 19 teams, each consisting of three players, where first and second-place winners received valuable prizes.

Afrah Al-Arbash

Commenting on the event, Afrah Al-Arbash, General Manager of Human Resources at ABK, highlighted the Bank’s dedication to cultivating a friendly atmosphere outside of the workplace, away from the pressures of daily life. She said: “This initiative aims to create an ideal workplace environment by continuing to strengthen the bond between ABK employees, thus positively impacting productivity.” These initiatives also endeavor to enhance employees’ sense of loyalty and affiliation, ensuring their comfort which, in turn, helps improve performance.

Arbash clarified: “Ultimately, this has a positive impact on the Bank’s ability to provide customers with the highest quality of service.” She emphasized that ABK highly prioritizes the mental wellbeing of its employees. “Participating in sports activities helps reduce stress levels and release endorphins. This can contribute to an overall improvement in mood and wellbeing thus helping reduce any possible negative emotions,” she said. Arbash affirmed that sports events provide a platform for social interaction and team building among employees.

KUWAIT: ABK’s staff and management participating in the bowling tournament.

This is especially true of team sports events which encourage collaboration, communication, and teamwork skills. She added, “The competitive nature of sports can help develop qualities, such as resilience, determination, and self-confidence. It also encourages staff to overcome challenges as a team.” As such, ABK remains committed to encouraging employees to engage in various sports activities. Arbash assured that a series of future events will be organized, aimed at fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees.

ABK’s team spirit at the bowling tournament.

She concluded: “In addition to upcoming sports events, ABK will continue to conduct regular employee surveys to gain insights into satisfaction ratings thus allowing us to assess their needs and provide the essential tools that help improve morale, operations and overall performance.” Since its establishment in 1967, ABK has progressed to become one of the leading Kuwaiti banks in the region that is today known for offering a simpler banking experience.

The Bank offers personal, corporate, and private banking of which includes a wide array of products and services. ABK also provides a broad range of local, regional, and global investment solutions and services through its subsidiary, ABK Capital. Enjoying equal stability and strength, the Bank also offers the convenience of banking across the region, servicing other markets in Egypt and the UAE.

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