Al-Akshan defends transfer decision as Municipality employees demonstrate

A number of hygiene and road works inspectors working for the Kuwait Municipality demonstrated in protest against the recent decision to transfer them, collectively, from their current centers to places outside their respective governorates, calling the decision “arbitrary” and a “dangerous precedent to harm them.”

While confirming that they are doing their job to the fullest, they told a local Arabic daily, that they were “being subjected to injustice,” and wished the concerned authority will reconsider the decision with fairness and refer those who are lazy (if found to be lazy) to perform their duties to the legal department.

They stated the decision did not differentiate between inspectors who were recently promoted by choice and those who were honored for excellent work as they will be deprived of their financial allowances, which is their earned right.

However, the Director of the Office of the Minister of Municipality Affairs Abdullah Al-Akshan has defended the transfer decision, stating that “its goal is to inject new blood in the work system and not as some claim that it is a disciplinary action,” and called on the protesters to nominate 10 persons among them to meet the minister and present their demands.

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