Al-Haifi puts Kuwait on the date production map of the world

After 18 years of effort and perseverance spent by Kuwaiti farmer Mubarak Al-Haifi caring for palm trees, he reaped the fruit of his efforts by producing a distinct and unique variety of palm trees that he called ‘Haifi Kuwait’, which placed the country’s name on the global date production map.

The fruits of the palm tree are unique in their delicious taste, their large size, their small kernels, and other special features that include all the stages of the fruit’s growth and ripening that it passes through.

It is possible for the connoisseur to enjoy the taste of the fruit, which is “Khalal – Basr” and enjoy eating it.

Al-Haifi said in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that he was keen to give the aforementioned name to his palm tree so that Kuwait would have a distinguished position on the map of producing types of dates globally, especially after winning first place in a competition conducted by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research for the best new palm tree.

He indicated that this allowed him to cooperate with the institute to propagate his palm trees using tissue culture so that the trees are identical to the mother tree and give the same fruits.

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