Al-Sadu Street, new landmark celebrating Kuwait’s heritage

KUWAIT: Sadu House inaugurated ‘Al-Sadu Street’ project, a dynamic modern cultural landmark, blending history, culture, and innovation as well as celebrating the fusion of tradition and modernity, blending age old Sadu motifs with contemporary design and use.

The project was implemented with the support of the ruling administration and the process took six months to create a new contemporary landmark that reflects the national identity in a new way and in innovative, sustainable methods that document the hard work over the many years in which the association has worked to preserve, develop, and transfer this heritage craft to new generations.

The inspiration for Al-Sadu Street came from a deep comprehensive study of the Sadu techniques and patterns, leading to derive from our permanent collection of sadu weavings. A special piece with the Shajarah pattern, was then transferred digitally into a graphic design to meet the nature and shape of the street without changing the original motifs and patterns.

The goal of the project is to document the cultural heritage and present it in a new, contemporary form to be a point of creativity, Sadu House said in a statement. The street was chosen in a place that is in the heart of several cultural centers, it added, noting that this street will constitute an addition to that cultural area.

Al-Sadu Society explained that the patterns and motifs of the street were inspired by Sadu pieces from the permanent collection of the Sadu Association, with their artistic designs to be a contemporary landmark inspired by heritage. This was done through the use of graphic design to implement their vision of the necessity of reviving the cultural heritage and the values, arts, and customs it contains, inherited over the years, and benefiting from them in a contemporary and creative outcome.

It explained that a graphic structure was created for the street to shape the Sadu motifs to match the shape and size of the bricks that was used for the project, which took 300 working hours from March to September.

The street consisted of 190,000 custom made multi-purpose Kuwaiti bricks in colors that match the Sadu motifs which took two weeks to make from the time of ordering and all the materials used in the Al-Sadu street were made locally in Kuwait with the assistance of Kuwaiti engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Al-Sadu Society extends its sincere gratitude to the ruling administration for its support and encouragement to implement this artistic and cultural project, additionally appreciating the cooperation of the participating ministries and government agencies, represented by: The Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Interior, and Public Authority for Roads and Transportation.


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