Art exhibition showcases Kuwait’s history

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: Under the supervision of a number of art school supervisors at the Hawally governorate educational department at the ministry of education, an art exhibition was launched on Tuesday at The Avenues mall, showcasing exceptional artworks of 20 elementary school students from various of public schools in Hawally governorate.

The art exhibition is titled “At the Yaal”, where “yaal” means the area between the coast and sea. It includes a number of sketches by elementary school students, in addition to a main painting that merged many drawings and drew the attention of all visitors. The four main supervisors who worked on this beautiful art exhibition are art mentor Mohammad Sarkhouh, teachers and art supervisors Ali Al-Qallaf and Bader Nazar and senior art supervisor at Hawally governorate Ali Al-Awad.

Sarkhouh told Kuwait Times this exhibition aims to educate the new generation about the history of their country, and how people used to live their daily life in the past, as students expressed what they learned through their paintings. He added that the exhibition will continue until Thursday, and is open to all visitors to come and encourage their children to learn and relive the history of their country. Sarkhouh said the drawings express the daily life of Kuwaitis back in the day, describing traditional weddings, family meals after morning prayers and pearling, in addition to details of daily social activities.

Meanwhile, the paintings include popular fish that were and are still popular among Kuwaitis, making sure to teach children about the original Kuwaiti names of these fish. Sarkhouh said the art department of Hawally governorate is highly interested in developing students’ artistic interests, and was amazed by the number of talented students in schools, which was clear by the large number of beautiful and talented artworks submitted by them, which forced the department to increase the number of the participants from 16 to 20 students from both boys and girls elementary schools.

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