Arts exhibition commemorates Iraqi invasion

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Kuwait Arts Association held an exhibition on Sunday to display Kuwaiti artists’ paintings that recall the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait in 1990 to keep this memory alive among Kuwaitis of younger generations. President of Kuwait Arts Association Abdulrasoul Salman expressed his gratitude to Kuwait Times for its continuous support of Kuwait Arts Association since its establishment.

He also thanked the artists who participated in this exhibition for their diverse artistic styles, as well as the minister of social affairs. Salman then told Kuwait Times that on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Kuwait Arts Association, it is celebrating by showcasing local, Arab and international artistic and visual projects and contributions.

Iman Al-Enezi

The latest exhibition, titled “The Saddamist Invasion of Kuwait”, features work by artists who are members of the association, presenting around 48 artworks that depict the period of the invasion and the destruction that occurred during these eight months, as well as artworks that portray the liberation of Kuwait. The aim of this exhibition is to commemorate the past that people have not forgotten, with its destruction, martyrs and resistance. Iman Al-Anzi, Manager of the Civil Associations Department, said: “Today we take part in the opening of the fine arts exhibition that reflects the period of the invasion.

As the management of public benefit associations, we are proud of such exhibitions that commemorate the past, which Kuwaitis must be knowledgeable and aware of.” Salem Al-Rasheedi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Social Development Sector at the Ministry of Social Affairs, told Kuwait Times: “We have been invited today by the Kuwait Arts Association to remember the ordeal that Kuwait faced during the invasion in 1990 and the strong stance of Kuwaitis through this exhibition. We can see that this crisis has become the reason for national unity between the people and the ruler, as well as among the people themselves.”

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