Awqaf inaugurates building, launches suggestion service

KUWAIT: A new building in Zahra was officially opened by Acting Undersecretary of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr Bader Al-Mutairi. Concurrently, the ministry launched a new service through the Sahel application, specifically designed to gather comments and suggestions from attendees of 1,776 mosques across various governorates in the country.

“The inauguration of this building is a remarkable achievement, representing a significant addition to the ministry’s accomplishments. It was made possible through the diligent efforts of our national staff, who oversaw every aspect of its design, construction, and adorned it with unique Islamic décor,” Mutairi said. He emphasized the ministry’s commitment to establishing supporting infrastructure to fulfill its mission in the field of advocacy and to attain its strategic objectives.

These projects align with the state’s broader development plan for construction initiatives and are integral to the ministry’s strategic blueprint, executed according to a well-structured timeline and a comprehensive work methodology. “The ministry has diligently supervised the implementation of all engineering works, ensuring strict adherence to contractual technical specifications and conditions, as well as fulfilling its role in monitoring and ensuring quality control for all contractor activities,” Mutairi further explained, Highlighting the significance of the administrative building, he noted that it advances the ministry’s strategic objectives by creating a conducive work environment to enhance operational performance.

The project, overseen by the ministry’s general services department, encompasses a lower and upper basement for parking, as well as six floors containing administrative offices, meeting rooms, training halls and various other service facilities — all constructed to the highest technical standards. Mutairi underlined the ministry’s commitment to crafting a strategy geared toward elevating quality, aligning operational plans with its overarching vision and ensuring seamless provision of services from the new facility.

This involves close collaboration with consulting firms overseeing the project’s implementation and coordination with relevant authorities. “The project’s journey, from construction and completion to maintenance, commenced with an in-depth examination and approval of construction project documents and designs. This included setting technical conditions and specifications, and a comprehensive evaluation of the project-related tender,” he added. Additionally, the ministry has meticulously assessed materials used, in coordination with concerned authorities, and prepared detailed financial estimates and appraisals.

Mutairi also announced the launch of a new service through the Sahel application, dedicated to receiving feedback and suggestions from worshippers of 1,776 mosques across various governorates in the country. “Once an application is submitted via the Sahel app, it is promptly routed to the relevant officials in the mosque’s respective governorate, who then take necessary actions based on the feedback,” he said.

He emphasized that this initiative aligns with the directives of the Minister of Information and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, aimed at enhancing services for both employees and the public, while emphasizing the importance of digital transformation to deliver services efficiently and professionally.

Mutairi highlighted that this service augments the ministry’s array of electronic services and initiatives, accessible through the Sahel app or the ministry’s portal, in accordance with the Cabinet’s recommendations to digitize government services and expedite their electronic delivery. He reiterated the ministry’s commitment to continually enhancing its initiatives and projects, with this new service being a testament to its ongoing efforts to care for mosques and ensure the comfort of worshippers, allowing them to practice their faith with ease and convenience.

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