Birds market ticking time bomb awaiting fate of tent market

The birds market in the Al-Rai area is frequently visited by bird lovers and enthusiasts where one can purchase all their needs such as bird cages, bird feed, etc, but the market as some say is a slowly ticking bomb and can explode any moment as happened to the tent market, if action is not take to remove all kinds of violations on which hang the fate of this market.

During a visit to the market, a local Arabic daily said, some of these shops are rented from state property to citizens and they are leased to to expatriates, most of whom are Asians.

This is in addition to the fact that some shops do not have commercial licenses or fire prevention methods, and this is what made the market lose its security and safety requirements, which makes it a “ticking time bomb” waiting for the spark to explode and get consumed by fire, and all this is happening in full view of the concerned authorities.

Among what is observed, the phenomenon of random storage in walkways and in front of some shops, and encroachment on spaces, add to this the ‘open’ power transformers which are vulnerable to tampering and exploding at any moment, with extensions and exposed wires hanging loose from the walls and ceilings of the market made of prefabricated material.

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