Boursa Kuwait organizes breast cancer awareness session, lights building in pink

KUWAIT: Boursa Kuwait continued its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with an awareness session presented by Dr Mervat Saud Al-Saleh, a General and Breast Cancer Consultant and Professor at Kuwait University as well as the first female surgeon member of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons to be licensed in Saudi Arabia, for its female employees as well as those of the KCC and brokerage firms located in the Boursa Kuwait building. The company’s month-long campaign for October also included a series of informative posts about the disease and the benefits of early detection and downstaging on its social media platforms.

Additionally, like many buildings across Kuwait and around the world, the Boursa Kuwait building was lit up in pink, the color associated with breast cancer since 1992, to commemorate this month. The World Health Organization recognizes October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the Pink Month – and actively seeks to educate those concerned about the disease, including early identification and signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer, with this year’s theme being “Keeping Her in the Picture”.

This powerful statement calls upon everyone to play a crucial role in the fight against breast cancer, ensuring that women around the world remain at the forefront of the battle for health and awareness. Female breast cancer has now surpassed lung cancer as the most diagnosed cancer worldwide, with an estimated 2,261,419 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in women across the world in 2020. However, the number of women who have died of breast cancer has decreased by 43 percent since 2020 following a peak in 1989. This is thanks to early detection, treatment improvements, and greater breast cancer awareness.

As a result, more than 460,000 breast cancer deaths were prevented during that period. During her session, Dr Mervat Al-Saleh spoke about the benefits of early detection and screening, and applauded Boursa Kuwait’s efforts to raise awareness about this noble cause. “With the modern advancements in medicine, we have become well-equipped to save the lives of people diagnosed with this and virtually all forms of cancer, especially if it is detected early. I would like to thank Boursa Kuwait for giving me this opportunity to emphasize the importance of regular screenings and self-examinations in our fight against breast cancer.”

Additionally, the bourse collaborated with MedCell to offer attendees of the session and other patrons free blood tests, body composition analysis and vital signs monitoring on the Boursa Kuwait premises. These tests are beneficial in screening risk factors associated with various types of cancer, including breast cancer. The company also offered attendees exclusive discount vouchers on the tumor markers lab package for women, ultrasounds and mammograms at its laboratories and imaging center. Supporting and serving the communities and people across Kuwait is a responsibility that Boursa Kuwait takes very seriously.

The company seeks to be a force for good for both external and internal stakeholders, actively giving back and driving positive impact through an ongoing and diverse range of community and social impact endeavors, including several health-based initiatives with institutions to organize blood drives, awareness sessions and others. Boursa Kuwait is committed to making a positive, long-lasting impact in the community in which it operates, championing a series of initiatives aimed at preserving the well-being of the community and has established internal policies and procedures to ensure the sustained health of its employees.

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