Cabinet asks for government expatriate employees’ list

KUWAIT: The Cabinet has asked for an official list of all expatriate workers in the government, their qualifications and salaries, after two previous reports prepared by the audit bureau and the financial panels showed the illegal employment of expatriates in the government sectors, where they were given high salaries and employed in positions allotted for citizens.

In an exclusive interview to Kuwait Times, official sources said that, the reports, which were verified by the Civil Service Commission, also spoke of other observations that were not in linewith the nationalization processes outlined to them or with the government’s request to Kuwaitize all government jobs within 5 years, especially among independent government sectors.

“The government has assigned a team to immediately review the expatriate employees’ list and to ensure that their academic qualifications and salary certificates have been verified by the Ministry of Higher Education, to ascertain their suitability for the job,” added the sources.

“Instructions include that any person found in violation of the employment regulations will be sacked and the persons involved in their employment will be held responsible and legally prosecuted, even if they resign or are retired, as what they have done will be considered as a waste of public funds and in violation of the regulations put in place by the Cabinet.”

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