Camping season begins Nov 15, violators EPA laws will be severely punished

The Director of the Public Relations and Media Department at the Environment Public Authority, Sheikha Al-Ibrahim, revealed November 15 has been earmarked for the camping season to kick off.

Al-Ibrahim told a local Arabic daily, that the season “will last for 3 months, while all areas where camping is permitted will be covered in cooperation with the Kuwait Municipality to ensure the implementation of environmental law.”

She added the EPA will closely follow up the violations in cooperation with the municipality and the environment police such as the construction of earth mounds, the use of cement and excavations at camping sites using heavy equipment, and legal measures will be taken against the violators.

She stated the EPA continues with the state authorities to comb various sites and follows up on violations, saying 160 environmental violations have been issued since the launch of the campaign on August 14.

Al-Ibrahim called on those wishing to take advantage of the camping season not to build earth mounds, avoid digging and use of cement, and to stay away from overhead high pressure power lines, and to abide by the rest of the requirements mentioned in the executive regulations to avoid fines and at the same time help protect the environment and public safety.

10 environmental rules during the camping season

— Avoid doing anything that damages or destroys the natural environment

— Avoid digging, building temporary earth mounds

— Avoid building fixed facility using construction materials or building earthen fences to define the camp border

— Avoid using heavy machinery and equipment

— Avoid dumping all kinds of waste in camping areas

— Avoid pollution, destruction or damage to the ground and water surface

— Avoid paving the camp with asphalt, cement or any other materials harmful to the environment

— Avoid hunting, killing, catching, and gathering, harming, or harming all kinds of wild wildlife or their young

— Avoid burning waste in open areas

— Avoid grazing in camping areas

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