CAN launches annual awareness campaign

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Since its establishment in 2006, Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) has been initiating its campaigns in the month of October, which Chairman Dr Khalid Al-Saleh has aptly named the “blessed month”. On Sunday, CAN hosted a press conference to launch this year’s activities centered around breast cancer awareness under the theme “your health is your capital”. The event was held under the patronage of Social Affairs and Family Affairs Minister Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah.

Dr Saleh emphasized that the annual increase in cancer discovery rates in Kuwait and GCC countries, ranging from 1 percent to 5 percent, can be attributed to the heightened social awareness about the importance of early detection. He further revealed that 36.9 out of every 100,000 people are affected by cancer, and statistics from the Kuwait Cancer Control Center indicate there are 640 cases of breast cancer among Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti women. Dr Saleh announced that this year, for the first time, there will be activities organized in Mubarakiya in mid-October.

These activities will involve the participation of a delegation from the GCC, with the primary goal of promoting awareness about the importance of early detection. He urged women over the age of 40 to contact CAN to learn how to perform self-examinations. Dr Saleh also highlighted CAN’s success in changing public perceptions about cancer. Before the establishment of CAN, 36 percent of people believed that cancer was curable; this figure decreased to 6 percent after CAN’s inception. Meanwhile, board member Dr Hussa Al-Shaheen, who is responsible for the campaign, announced that the campaign would run for one month.

It includes a festival in Mubarakiya on Oct 14, which will last for three days. Additionally, CAN will have a mobile clinic to provide women with training on self-examinations. She also mentioned that there would be several exhibitions at prominent malls such as The Avenues, 360, Boulevard, Promenade and Assima. Moreover, there will be a themed night event called “we are all for a cancer-free life” at Martyr Hussein Al-Zaabi Children’s Park, in collaboration with the Healthy Cities Program in the Faiha health zone.

Dr Shaheen emphasized CAN’s commitment to physical activities due to their significant role in preventing various diseases, including cancer. To promote this, there will be a basketball competition for women in recovery, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Sport and Kazma Sports Club. Additionally, there will be a women’s swimming competition at the Disabled Club swimming pool.

Deputy Chairwoman of the Women’s Volunteer Society for Social Development, Dr Laila Al-Khayat, expressed the society’s dedication to collaborating with CAN to raise awareness about early detection. She urged women to prioritize self-examination, as medical professionals confirm that it significantly reduces treatment time and increases chances of recovery.

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