Commerce ministry assigns firms for product verification

KUWAIT: Fahad Al-Shurayan, Minister of Commerce and Trade, has announced that the public commission for industry, has admitted six companies from the private sector to support the government’s plans for the supervision and inspection of products in markets and at border ports.

Fahad Al-Shurayan

“The quality of the products that come into the market rest on a proper inspection and verification process, as it brings in consumer trust and support within the industry, he said. “It also paves the way for labs and inspectors to provide certificates to offer their services and reduces the monopoly of the government services, opening doors to the private sector which has many technological advancements to its credit.”

While distributing certificates to these companies, Al-Shurayan explained that “verification is the process which allows for proper product and service quality to be recognized, as carried out in some countries, to verify the quality of education and health services in order to enhance trust in their services.”

Al-Shurayan also added that “international trade recognizes the process of verification and proper inspection even in sectors such as the design industry, rating local inspection sides, in order to give them a certificate of trust and to standardize products to match global standards.”

“In cooperation with the Gulf Verification Center, we have also placed advertisements in daily newspapers last October to invite verification and certification bids, which were reviewed, in order to ensure that they meet the stipulations of the program.”

On his side, Mohammad Al-Adwani, General Manager of the commission of industry has added, “Applications were received from local and international participants and their documents and work verified to enable them to work in Kuwait.”

“These companies have also been verified by more than 120 countries in the world, therefore, any product that has been imported into Kuwait has also been officially inspected in the laboratories of these countries.” He also said that the application ‘Tabeq’ has been authorized by the commission to allow importers to provide their documents online and be granted permission to work on the same day itself.

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