Construction begins in South Sabah Al-Ahmad: Housing

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Housing Welfare is following up on the start of the implementation of the contract for the construction, completion and maintenance of main roads, major infrastructure service networks and rainwater tanks in the South Sabah Al-Ahmad City project. The authority said in a press release that the project has entered the preparatory stage for on-site works since June 5.

It added that it is working through the concerned sectors to determine the work schedule before entering the implementation stage, pointing out that the scheduled date for the expiration of the contract is June 5, 2026. The contract includes work on roads, soil and environmental remediation, asphalt, sidewalks, rainwater drainage system, treated water and freshwater networks, electricity and street lighting, telephone networks and traffic signs. The project will serve 20,380 Kuwaiti families.

A specialized engineering crew has been assigned to follow up on-site work and ensure that it is completed according to the highest required standards as outlined in the contract. The South Sabah Al-Ahmad project covers 6,150 hectares and is located 70 kilometers south of the capital of Kuwait. The project will include 11 residential suburbs, containing lots with an area of 400 meters squared each, in addition to public buildings and power and fuel stations.

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