Consultant warns over AIDS cases

KUWAIT: Infectious and internal diseases consultant Dr Ghanim Al-Hujailan said AIDS is a very disturbing disease, adding that few victims are infected through contaminated needles or get the deadly virus from their spouses. Dr Al-Hujailan spoke at the Middle East conference on ‘AIDS in humans’, which discussed the most modern treatments. Kuwait’s delegation participated in the conference. He said Kuwait is exerting great efforts to control the disease by carrying out many tests, such as testing all new employees before they start their jobs.

Dr Ghanim Al-Hujailan

Also, every blood donor is required to undergo medical tests, in addition to blood tests for expats. He said there is a method that is being carried out abroad called “anonymous testing”, which involves having an unknown person voluntarily carry out the tests without any information about the individual, and this person will be the only one to know the result of his or her test. Also a method has been put in place to encourage patients to seek for proper treatment.

Meanwhile, infectious and internal diseases consultant at the Salmiya medical complex and associate professor at Gulf University at King Hamad hospital, Dr Jamila Al-Salman, said the most important recommendations at the conference are related to increasing awareness about the disease; the way it is transferred, prevented, and treated in various stages.

Through awareness campaigns at various groups and institutions, medical practitioners and patients will know how to deal with the disease and the means of early discovery through symptoms. Recommendations also include carrying out more tests and conducting scientific research on the disease.

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