Council proposes obligating owners to demolish, restore abandoned properties

Municipal Council member, Fahd Al-Abduljader, submitted a proposal to oblige the owners of abandoned properties to abandon them and restore them. The official stated in his proposal that “preserving the aesthetic and civilized character of the country is one of the first concerns of the Municipal Council, which includes beautifying cities, villages, suburbs, and other areas, as well as expanding them in accordance with the law regarding Kuwait Municipality.

According to the Arab daily, Al-Abduljader added that since the third article of the same law stipulates that “the municipality works to formulate, implement and develop the urban policy,” concerning a number of visible abandoned properties of various types for investment, private housing, government schools, and in areas and streets that are vital to the matter, which distorts the cultural landscape of the country for several years. For this regard, he suggested compelling owners of abandoned properties, whether individually or state owned, to demolish or restore, after exploiting them within a maximum of one year from the date of issuance of the decision.

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