CSC asks ministries to send lists of terminated expats

KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) asked government entities to send lists of their expat employees whose contracts were terminated during the last six months, and those who will be let go before the end of the year. The state departments were told to provide the lists before the end of August, sources told Kuwait Times. This comes as part of decisions to Kuwaitize jobs at the public sector and implement the replacement policy, adding that the late entities in this regard will be reported to the council of ministers to take the suitable decisions.

Official sources said CSC plans to prepare a report for the government about the progress done regarding the Kuwaitization of jobs within five years, and which entities completed the decision by 100 percent and those who failed to meet the required percentage, while excluding some ministries who cannot implement the decision in full at the present time such as health and education ministries.

According to the sources, the majority of ministries reached high percentages of Kuwaitization, and some reached 100 percent. “However, the CSC believes some ministries are falling behind when it comes to terminating expat labor, especially subcontracted employees”, said the sources, nothing that this topic will be a focus of executive procedures by CSC.

Meanwhile, the sources said the housing authority is expected to terminate at least 200 expat employees before the end of the year including advisors and engineers, while the ministry of public work is expected to terminate 300 employees, and the education ministry plans to let go of 375 expats.

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