Diplomatic Women’s Group marks Kuwaiti Women’s Day

KUWAIT: The Diplomatic Women’s Group (DWC) of Kuwait culminated it’s 2022-2023 cultural and social activity season with an event commemorating Kuwaiti Women’s Day, which falls on the 16th of May every year.

Narjes Al-Shatti, advisor to the DWC board of directors, as well as the event’s coordinator Fawziya Baset, both commented on this occasion explaining the background of Kuwaiti Women’s Day and DWC’s choice to celebrate it. They explained that Kuwaiti Women’s Day was declared by the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmad Al-Sabah on May 16, 2005 to coincide with the parliament’s decision at the time, to extend long-awaited political rights to Kuwait’s women. The date was chosen in recognition of the decades-long hard work, activism and advocacy by generations of Kuwaiti women seeking equal footing under the constitution, with their fellow male citizens.

The Amiri decree for this day also recognized Kuwaiti women’s valuable contributions in various fields domestically, in the Gulf and Arab regions, as well as on the global scene. The decree also paid homage to the exceptional role women played in resisting the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 including the women martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Kuwait’s liberty.

Since Kuwaiti Women’s Day was declared, the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah continued to emphasize its celebration throughout his reign in recognition of Kuwaiti women’s continued and tireless contributions towards Kuwait’s development and its future. In that spirit, it was only fitting that DWC chose the heritage site that is the Asharqiyyah School for Girls as its venue to celebrate Kuwaiti Women’s Day this year.

The school is a historic symbol of Kuwaiti women’s empowerment as it was the first modern girls’ school in the country. As it opened its doors in 1940 it also opened the door for generations of Kuwaiti women to go on to achieve great pursuits culturally and professionally, thereby taking women’s contributions to Kuwaiti society to a new high. DWC’s celebration featured women entrepreneurs residing in Kuwait and representing various international communities including: Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mali, North Korea, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Lesotho.

The celebration also featured a presentation by Amal Al-Faris showcasing the work of aspiring Kuwaiti fashion designers. The audience also enjoyed a presentation by Kuwaiti fashion designer Tasneem Al-Wuggayan, recreating the traditional Kuwaiti wedding rituals. Finally, Sheikha Hala Bader Muhammad Al- Ahmad Al-Sabah, DWC’s honorary president, saluted and thanked everyone who participated in making this event a success. The event was emceed by media personality Abdulaziz Darweesh who was exceptionally engaging and charming with the audience throughout the evening.

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