Doctor’s Brew podcast holds inaugural event

The Doctor’s Brew, a coffee themed medical podcast team successfully held their first-ever in-person event. A small exclusive group of people of mixed backgrounds gathered at The Hub Cafe to listen and engage in conversation with Dr. Abdulaziz Al Khayyat, Dr. Mohammad Jamal, and Dr. Hala Allafi.

The event served as a platform for intellectual discussion for many young Kuwaitis who have expressed their great desire to attend similar events in the future, which provide an engaging intellectual discourse for the youth of Kuwait.

The founder of Doctor’s Brew, Dr. Abdulaziz Alkhayyat, who has already made significant strides in the medical field at the young age of 25, initiated the podcast following his experiences as an intern, when he was able to learn a lot from his junior doctors. The realization that junior doctors can often be an underutilized resource fueled the motivation to start the podcast. By leveraging the insights and experiences of junior doctors, the podcast aims to create a paradigm shift in medical education and resource utilization.

The Doctor’s Brew will be hosting similar events in the future, and all those interested can follow their instagram account, The Hub has a commendable history of endorsing local Kuwaiti brands, thereby making it an extraordinarily significant location for ‘The Doctor’s Brew’ to hold its inaugural event.

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