Don’t publish misleading, false information: Information Ministry

The Ministry of Information stressed that it will take legal action against any media outlet which publishes false or misleading information that may cause political instability in the country.

The ministry spokeswoman Anwar Murad stressed, that in the wake of what was published in some media outlets and the false and misleading news they contained about the expected formation of the government, the ministry stresses that “there is no hesitation in implementing the law with all firmness and severity against violators in publishing the news,” and reminded that recently, 62 media outlets were referred to the Public Prosecution for violations related to the electronic media law.

It called on everyone to investigate accuracy in publishing news, adhere to professional standards and controls regulating media work, and to obtain information from reliable sources, explaining that the ministry of information will monitor any media violations and take legal measures towards them to limit the publication of everything that destabilizes the country.

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