End-of-year exams conclude for Middle, high school students

KUWAIT: Students in the sixth till eleventh grades have taken their last 2022-2023 end-of-year exams on Sunday. Sources said cheating has decreased significantly this year, as evident in the small number of students caught trying to cheat through headphones and the few exam papers found with identical answers. Several school principals speculated that results will be posted on the ministry site no later than Wednesday, while end-of-year report cards will be issued next Sunday.

The date the results will be posted might be affected by the coming June 6 election, they said. While school students celebrated the end of exam season by taking photos and gathering to say goodbye in front of schools, students at the higher institute of dramatic arts held its graduation ceremony Sunday. During a speech at the ceremony, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamad Al-Adwani spoke of the ministry’s keenness on developing higher art institutes as well as its interest in fostering scientific research as this will positively reflect on the students’ education.

The Minister congratulated the graduates and their parents, and extended his thanks and appreciation to the institute’s management and faculty. Institute Director Dr Hussain Abdullah said in his speech that the pursuit of knowledge is the sole way towards the development of nations, and commended Kuwait’s keenness on improving its educational establishments. The director mentioned that the institute carries the responsibility of initiating creatives in various artistic fields. Going digital Minister Al-Adwani was also present at the opening of a new customer service hall for people looking to do paper work at the Ministry of Education in Farwaniya Educational Zone.

He emphasized that the new hall was a translation of the instructions of the political leadership in order to provide the electronic and administrative services needed by citizens easily and conveniently. Adwani added that the education ministry is seeking to fully implement digital services and transition away from paper transactions. The ministry, he said, takes the comments of citizens seriously and continuously works towards simplifying procedures accordingly, especially for the benefit of the elderly and people with disabilities.

Director General of the Farwaniya Educational Zone Mohammed Al-Ajmi said in a statement to KUNA that the ministry is ready to streamline and simplify procedures with the purpose of raising the level of services provided to employees, administrators, students and teaching staff. Ajmi said that the hall serves about 1430 employees within the educational zone, 75,240 students in different grades in 161 schools and 23,000 employees in the administrative, supervisory and educational departments. – Agencies

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