Faculty of Law holds orientation program

KUWAIT: The Faculty of Law organized an enlightening meeting for new male and female students transferred to the Faculty of Law for the academic year 2024/2023 in the presence and participation of the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr Muhammad Al-Tamimi, Dr Ibrahim Al-Hamoud, Dr Latifa Al-Mir, Dr Ahmed AbdulKarim, and the Office of Guidance and Counseling.

The Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr Muhammad Al-Tamimi, welcomed the new and transferred students, saying, “The importance of this meeting is to identify the mechanisms of work and teaching in the Faculty of Law and how to communicate with faculty members.” Dr Ibrahim Al-Hamoud spoke on the nature of the study, the materials taught at the faculty, and the scientific departments that make up the college.

In the same context, Dr Latifa Al-Meer discussed the nature of the study in the college and the system, stressing the importance of exerting effort from the beginning in order to succeed and excel in the end. “The first year of study is the year of construction and foundation on which the rest of the years are built,” Dr Latifa said.

Dr Ahmed Abdel Karim gave some advice and guidance to students, urging them to search for information to obtain knowledge and pointing out how to obtain it by following the social media accounts of the university and the college. “It is important to go to the Guidance and Counseling Office in the college to find out how to register subjects and test dates, and we also touched on the control system and regulations related to college tests,” he said.

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