Foreign school in Kuwait prevents students from supporting Gaza

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: During a recent event held at a foreign school in Kuwait, both local and expatriate students chose to wear the Palestinian keffiyeh scarf as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who have been facing tragic circumstances due to massacres by the Zionist entity in Palestine. To the students’ surprise, the school administration in Hawally insisted they remove their keffiyehs and t-shirts featuring the Palestinian map.

Alternatively, they were given the option to wear these t-shirts inside out, concealing the imagery while on school grounds. The school principal, when contacting the parents of these students, cited violations of school rules as the reason for their actions. It’s important to note that the students had not engaged in any disruptive behavior; their actions were limited to wearing these items.

The irony of this situation is that it transpired during an event focused on addressing bullying, where the school aimed to educate students about respecting the rights of others, including the freedom to express themselves. Regrettably, the school administration appeared to contradict these principles in their treatment of the students.

In a related development, an MP, in a press statement, revealed that several international and foreign schools in Kuwait have similarly prohibited students from wearing the keffiyeh and other symbolic clothing during special events aimed at expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The representative emphasized the need for schools to be held accountable for their actions and called upon the minister of education to designate every Thursday as a day for students across Kuwait to show their support for the Palestinian cause and remember the martyrs who lost their lives due to attacks by the Zionist entity.

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