French Embassy inaugurates ‘Francophonie Bazaar’

French embassy held a colorful ‘Francophonie Bazaar’ to mark the conclusion of the Francophonie month at Al-Shaheed Park on 17 March. The event witnessed the participation of several members of the diplomatic corps, along with a large gathering of citizens and residents.

In her address on the occasion, French Ambassador, H.E. Claire Le Fleischer stated that the Francophonie Bazaar was part of the celebrations of Francophone month, in which all French-speaking embassies in Kuwait participated. She added that the event aims to introduce the diversity and richness of French culture all over the world. She also indicated that the event was not only related to the member states of the Francophonie, but rather the wider French-speaking countries, including Canada, Tunisia, Armenia, Togo, Morocco, Lebanon, and many more participating countries.

The ‘Bazaar’ was enlivened by the participation of 17 countries, out of the 40 embassies in Kuwait that are members of the Francophonie, displaying products that reflected their unique cultures and traditions.

Speaking at the event, Canadian Ambassador, H.E. Aliya Mowani said that Francophonie is a very important month for Canada, as the French language and culture are part of Canadian identity, with plenty of French-speaking regions in Canada. For his part, the Bulgarian Ambassador, H.E. Dimitar Dimitrov, praised the role and support of the Kuwaiti authorities for the success of this diverse and inter-cultural ceremony.

Ambassador of Tunisia, H.E. Al-Hashemi Ajili, affirmed that Tunisia’s interest in strengthening cultural cooperation with Kuwait is reflected in its participation at the event, and described Kuwait as a country that has a cultural, civilizational, developmental and humanitarian developments consistently.
Moroccan Ambassador, H.E. Ali Ibn Issa highlighted Morocco’s desire to express its culture and heritage as well as its cuisine, indicating that the event represented a celebration of the cultural and civilizational diversity of each participating country.

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