Google Cloud key for Kuwait’s digital transformation: Official

By Ghadeer Ghloum
KUWAIT: Kuwait has been undergoing a digital transformation recently, fueled by the government’s commitment to modernizing the country’s infrastructure and improving the lives of its citizens. One major step of this transformation has been the implementation of cloud services across various sectors of the government. The implementation of cloud services is a key aspect of the state’s digital transformation plan, which aims to create a knowledge-based society, where information and communication technologies are used to improve the quality of life of Kuwaiti citizens and businesses. Cloud services also have the potential to provide greater access and enhanced development for educational and health resources, as promised previously during a media roundtable with Google Cloud in Kuwait. The long-term benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and innovation make it a worthwhile investment. As Kuwait continues to expand its technological capabilities, it will be well positioned to become a leader in the region’s digital landscape.
Dr Ammar Al-Husaini, Deputy Director General at the Central Agency for Information Technology

To look further into cloud servers and their impact on improving citizens and residents’ life quality in Kuwait, Kuwait Times interviewed Dr Ammar Al-Husaini, Deputy Director General at the Central Agency for Information Technology. “We all agree that cloud computing is one of the main enablers of digital transformation, which is about providing better services to citizens and users. Therefore, our role as the Central Agency for Information Technology is to make sure we provide the right infrastructure and the right systems, in order to provide citizens and residents of Kuwait better services. Google Cloud, other hyperscale cloud services, and in general, all technologies are enablers. In the end, all we are looking forward to is to basically provide better services for people who live in Kuwait,” he said. Implementing cloud-based systems has been instrumental in creating a more efficient and responsive government in the state.

By moving government services to cloud-based platforms, citizens can access services online, making the process much quicker and more convenient. With e-government services, citizens and residents of Kuwait will be able to make payments online and access important documents anywhere and at any time. As a result, this will reduce the need for in-person visits to government offices, thereby eliminating long queues and wait times. Moreover, Kuwait’s potential for digital transformation is not stopping at this point. “Google Cloud is our first agreement, and there will be other agreements with other big companies to support Kuwait’s digital transformation. We did not only choose Google, but Google is our first deal and it will be followed by other agreements,” Husaini said.

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