Government agencies facilitate paperwork, job hunting for people with disabilities

KUWAIT: Acting Social Affairs Undersecretary Adbelaziz Al-Mutairi issued a circular Thursday to designate employees to handle applications and process government paperwork submitted by disabled people. According to the circular, the decision is meant to remove obstacles to process their transactions as soon as possible. Paperwork will be received at the office of the undersecretary to ensure it gets processed quickly, the circular said. Government agencies have given special attention to services directed at disabled people this week.

On Wednesday, Director General of the Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA) Dr Bibi Al-Omairi confirmed that training people with disabilities and their qualification for the labor market are a real investment in society with the entry of various job paths. This came in Dr Al-Omairi’s statement to KUNA on the sidelines of the fourth edition of the “partners to employ” program, organized by PADA in cooperation and strategic partnership with the Human Develop Institute. This includes training that ensures people with disabilities get their full rights and know their duties.

PADA its partners in the non-for-profit, banking and industrial sectors, she said, are aware of what the labor market needs and consequently provide skill training as needed, she said. 74 to enter job market Omairi said the authority aims to increase the employment rates for people with disabilities over the next few years in the governmental and private sectors, explaining that it seeks more cooperation with other entities with the aim of providing disabled people with more job opportunities.

In a similar statement to KUNA, Director General of the Human Develop Institute Awatif Al-Salman said the “partners to employ” program was launched years ago with the aim of measuring the integration of disabled people in the private sector. The fourth batch of the program includes 74 graduates, 42 of which are candidates for working in the private sector and 32 in the government sector. The graduates were trained in skills for jobs in customer service, office management and information systems.

She added that there are 15 job opportunities for the graduates offered in cooperation with 22 entities. Deputy Director General for National Employment Affairs at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Najat Al-Yousef confirmed to KUNA PAM’s keenness to cooperate with all entities providing job opportunities. The fifth edition of the program aimed at employing people with disabilities will be launched through PADA’s official website Thursday. Applications will remain open until the end of July. – Agencies

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