Government eyes increasing services fees for expatriates

There is a tendency to review the fees paid by expatriates and citizens for government services, according to the type of services,” noting that “the government trend in this regard comes within the framework of reform and steps taken to correct the imbalance and address the budget deficit, and work to raise the proportion of state’s non-oil revenues.

A local Arabic daily quoting well-informed government sources said the decision of the Council of Ministers will set financial spending ceilings for the next three years and that “a recent government move is aimed at reviewing the fees for all services provided by the state to citizens and expatriates.”

The sources indicated that “according to recent statistics, the number of Kuwaitis represents about 31 percent of the total population compared to 69 percent non-Kuwaitis,” noting that “in light of the current situation, government fees for services provided to the Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis are the same, while studies confirm the possibility of different fees for Kuwaitis and for residents.”

The Ministry of Finance has requested the classification of these services and to determine the type of beneficiaries among citizens, residents or visitors for services provided by ministries, and so on, and study the fees charged by the state to citizens and residents in a comprehensive manner.

According to the sources, “the ministries and relevant department will determine the list of services they provide and their costs, in addition to providing a detailed statistics on the number of beneficiaries, whether they are citizens or expatriates.”

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