Greening Kuwait: Citizen goes viral on TikTok with his innovative vision

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Adequately planned urban greening can improve living conditions for citizens and residents of Kuwait and help it meet its broader climate goals. Desert greening has the potential to help solve global water, energy and food crises. The aims of urban greening are numerous; they improve the lives of the people and wildlife in the area, as well as make cities eco-friendlier and pleasing to the eye. Citizen Adnan Adel Al-Mowail went viral on TikTok for publishing his vision of greening Kuwait.

Al-Mowail used his experience in designing to draw his vision for developing urban greening in his country; Kuwait Times spoke with him to learn more about his vision. Kuwait Times: Tell us more about your designs published on the social media platform.

The street after greening

Mowail: My designs are the vision and wishes of a citizen who is tired of waiting to see his country, Kuwait, in a more beautiful way.  I would love to see the streets of Kuwait in this way, and I am sure that we change that scene into a better one. I always say that young Kuwaitis are creative in all fields, but they need the opportunity to release that creativity to the public and I do not know why not to give them the chance to be the change for Kuwait.

KT:  What inspired you?

Mowail: The love of Kuwait and my wishes for beautiful streets pushed me to check the latest designs in order to develop mine and design new images that suits Kuwait.

KT: Do you have enough experience that makes you qualified to develop a complete greening design in Kuwait?

Mowail: My main specialty is designing theatrical and television decoration and what motivated me to design roads is the imprisoned wishes despite the creative capabilities of the Kuwaiti youth. I have no clue what prevents us from greening Kuwait with pretty designs and applying what we all need to see.

KT: You mentioned in a video on TikTok, that there are certain types of plants that make them last longer in the Kuwaiti climate, what are those types?

Mowail: There are many types, including Plumeria, Albizzia lebbek, Delonix regia, Racosperma, Jacaranda, and Bougainvillea.

KT: Have you contacted anyone of the officials to develop the perception of your proposal?

Mowail: I sent it to some, but they did not respond although the message was delivered and they saw it.

KT: What is the goal of your designs?

Mowail: Some of my designs have artificial rivers that we use for energy, create a better climate, irrigation with salt water for some trees, and promote tourism.

KT: Why did you decide to post it on social media platforms? How do people react?

Mowail: I was surprised by the great response on TikTok. Unfortunately, I noticed that most young people are broken and desperate that they do not believe that these designs may become true one day; this despair was understandable.

There were more than 300 desperate comments. Most TikTok followers are born in 2000 and above and they are the next generation, their desperation makes me sad. It is hard to see the desperation in such a young generation. One of the comments on TikTok said: “My great-grandchildren will hopefully see this design in reality.”

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