Handicrafts: Vivid expressions of Kuwait’s history

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: A youth skills event was held at Kuwait Union of Women’s Associations in Dasma on Sunday and Monday. The event took a step back to the rich heritage and traditions of old Kuwait. Among the various cultural treasures that Kuwait proudly embraces, handcrafts stand out as vivid expressions of the country’s history, craftsmanship and deep-rooted traditions. During the event, Salman Ali Boland, President of the Kuwaiti Craftsmen Association, told Kuwait Times: “This is a collection of our work with ‘healthy cities’ in Kuwait.

Salman Ali Boland

Today we are initiating our work with Dasma, as it is considered a ‘healthy city’,” he said. Dasma is one of more than a dozen cities in Kuwait designated as healthy cities by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to WHO, a healthy city is not one that has achieved a particular health status — it is conscious of health and striving to improve it. Any city can be a healthy city, regardless of its current health status. The requirements are a commitment to health and a process and structure to achieve it. “We are participating with 19 booths.

Men and women are here today to showcase their handicrafts that represent the history of old Kuwait, which makes this exhibition special and active. In addition to the handicrafts, old Kuwaiti games are displayed in this exhibition such as draughts, which is called ‘dama’ in Kuwaiti dialect, as well as the ‘billiard’, meaning the wooden carrom board, and dominoes,” said Boland. From generation to generation, the people of Kuwait have preserved and celebrated their heritage through handicrafts.

These handcrafted pieces not only serve as tangible artifacts of the past, but also reflect the passed down knowledge through time and encourages one’s national spirit. Several activities took place during the event, including women crafting objects and men playing traditional games, while others explained the history of old Kuwaiti dhows and a potter displayed his skills. All activities were hands-on, which enhanced the general atmosphere of the event.

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