Heirs of Al-Raja’an file urgent lawsuit, demand halt to sale of real estate

At a time when attention is focused on the auction of the 42 properties belonging to the deceased accused Fahd Al-Raja’an in Kuwait, the court of urgent matters received a lawsuit from the heirs of Al-Raja’an, demanding to stop the auction and not to sell the property.

The heirs of Al-Raja’an said that this property belongs to them and that after the death of the accused the criminal case becomes null and void and the property can neither be sold nor put to auction. Moreover, the heirs cited errors in the auction procedures, according to what they said in the lawsuit papers, reports a local Arabic daily.

The court decided to reserve the case for judgment next Sunday, one day before the scheduled date of the auction, which is supposed happen on Monday.

Fahad Al Rajaan as well as his wife and children had their assets frozen in Kuwait due to criminal complaints alleging misconduct during his time as head of Public Institute for Social Security (PIFSS). He was wanted by Interpol and actively hid abroad and was on the run until his death recently.

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