How Kuwaiti intellectuals defied aggressors during Iraqi invasion

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti intellectuals had proven the truth of the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” through various works of literature that defied the aggressors during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Speaking on the occasion, a number of Kuwait intellectuals pointed out that the fight against the Iraqi invasion was not only physical; the written word had also an important role in defying those committing this heinous crime.

Dr. Sheikha Suad Al-Sabah

Intellectual Dr Sheikha Suad Al-Sabah affirmed, during an interview with KUNA, that literature and arts were a haven for many during Kuwait’s darkest hours. Whether written, drawn, acted, or sung, the arts played a crucial role in defending the homeland, she affirmed. Dr Sheikha Suad indicated that she had published a book under the title “Will you allow me to love my country” and many literary works during the invasion to highlight Kuwait’s justice cause regionally and internationally.

Taleb Al-Refaei

Her publishing company Dar Suad Al-Sabah for Culture and Creativeness also opened its doors for the youth to exert their poetic and story-telling outputs during the invasion. She affirmed that literature could be considered a type of soft power for the tremendous impact of words on people. On his part, Taleb Al-Refaei, another Kuwaiti intellectual, stressed the importance of literature in fighting against injustice.

Late poet Fayeq Abduljalil

Kuwaiti intellectuals fought against the Iraqi invasion since its onset, said Al-Refaei naming several intellectuals including late poet Fayeq Abduljalil who was killed by the Iraqis, novelist Ismail Fahad Isamil and others for their patriotic stance against the Iraqis.

Intellectuals had exposed the brutal nature of the invasion, which affected all sectors of society and even the environment was not safe, he added. Providing a similar input, intellectual Waleed Al-Rujaib affirmed that literature could be considered as a historical document that could provide insight into happenings in certain eras including the Iraqi invasion.

He asserted that most literary works were produced by individuals within Kuwait during the invasion, saying that individuals like Layla Al-Othman, Thuraiya Al-Baqsami, Sulaiman Al-Shatti, and others all put their lives on the line for their works during the invasion. The Iraqis had targeted cultural icons and tried to distort the educational system to wipe out Kuwait during their heinous crime, but they failed due to the brave stance of the Kuwaiti people and intellectuals, Al-Rujaib said. –KUNA

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