Huge jump in marriage and divorce rate among Kuwaitis

As Kuwait recovers from the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic, 2021 witnessed noticeable social activity among citizens, as it recorded the highest rate of marriage and divorce in five years, with the marriage rising at a rate of 28.9 percent. This was accompanied by a corresponding increase in the divorce rate, which also recorded the highest for five years, at 13.7 percent.

A local Arabic daily has learned between 2017 and 2021, as shown by a recent statistic issued by the Central Administration of Statistics, it is crystal clear that the highest marriage rate was in 2021, where the number of marriages reached 13,804 cases, including 11,322 between Kuwaitis at a rate of 82 percent while the number of Kuwaiti men marrying non-Kuwaiti women was nearly 1,783 cases, or 13 percent and non-Kuwaiti men marrying Kuwaiti women were 699 cases, or 5%,

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