Hussainiyas preachers advocate unity, reject racism, and sectarianism

Throughout the country, Hussainiyas marked the fourth night of the month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of the honorable grandson of the Prophet, with attendees thronging the Hussainiyas to partake in a cultural and religious season that draws moral and social lessons from the life of the Prophet and his esteemed family.

In their addresses, the pulpit preachers emphasized that the purpose of human existence, as stated in the holy Qur’an, is worship. This worship entails upholding virtuous morals, which God has bestowed upon humanity. The preachers stressed the significance of noble ethics as essential components of a righteous life on earth and the aspirations of nations seeking elevation and purity.

Thus, divine laws have set human perfection as their objective, and the prophets, peace be upon them, have diligently guided and educated souls to pursue impeccable conduct.

The preachers emphasized that honorable morals have become indispensable for individual and societal well-being, with heavenly laws and teachings propelling humanity towards perfection. The ultimate exemplar of these virtuous morals was Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who proclaimed, “I was sent to complete the honorable morals.”

The profound attachment people hold for the pure imams, peace be upon them, stems from their embodiment of benevolence, truth, goodness, and virtue. Those who seek happiness and wish to avoid misery are encouraged to follow the path of the infallible and pure household, including Imam Hussein, peace be upon him. Standing and reflecting on the morals of Imam Hussein, and emulating his prophetic virtues, can lead humanity towards greater compassion and righteousness.

The preachers warned that the weakness and disintegration within the Islamic nation is a consequence of deviating from the application of Sharia rulings, leading to the proliferation of strife, hatred, and animosity among Muslims. Islam, in its essence, seeks to establish unity and solidarity among people, rejecting all forms of discrimination, racism, and sectarianism. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, was a champion of cultivating harmony and trust among individuals, regardless of their religious observance.

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