Independence Day of Ukraine: Building a better future

By Dr Oleksandr Balanutsa, Irina Gusacenko

24 August 2023 marks the 32nd anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine’s independence after 70 years of Soviet rule. Since February last year, Ukraine has been heroically resisting Russia’s brutal war of aggression and its clear violation of the international law and UN charter.

Kuwait, which was brutally invaded 33 years ago, joined the vast majority of members of the UN General Assembly in supporting the concept of safeguarding the rules-based international order and standing firmly behind the UN Charter, international law and the sovereignty of Ukraine in the case of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The EU is working with other partners to support Ukraine across the ten points of President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula, from food and nuclear security to safe return of Ukrainian children to their home country, and securing a comprehensive, just and lasting peace based on the UN Charter and international law. The Peace Formula should be, for all of us, the basis to put an end to Russia’s unjustified aggression.

Irina Gusacenko

We welcome all international efforts to this effect, including the recent meeting of National Security Advisors in Jeddah (attended by some 40 countries and the representatives of the UN). The EU will support Ukraine for as long as it takes and will continue to ensure the widest possible international support for the key principles and objectives of Ukraine’s Peace Formula. While this atrocious war continues raging, the EU remains determined to continue supporting Ukraine through the process of a sustainable recovery and reconstruction.

Ukraine has determination, an impressively resilient economic base, a vibrant civil society and many friends around the globe who want to support in rebuilding a modern and prosperous country. European cities are joining the reconstruction effort too, with 36 European cities from Vilnius to Venice working with 10 cities in Ukraine. This is a living proof of the enormous support to Ukraine from all over the European Union. We encourage other countries to join in supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts.

Russia’s illegal military actions do not only grossly violate international law, but also undermine European and global security and stability, with disastrous consequences for people in Ukraine, and also globally in terms of energy and food security. We stand united and will not let Russia tear down the security architecture that has given Europe peace and stability over many decades or replace the rule of law by the rule of force and ruthlessness.

Europe and Ukraine are historically and culturally interconnected. Ukraine applied for EU membership in February 2022 and was granted EU candidate status in June 2022, in response to Ukraine’s aspirations to join the European family. The EU stands by its unwavering support of Ukraine since the first day of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified aggression. The EU will be by Ukraine’s side as long as it takes to fully restore its sovereignty within internationally recognized borders.

The EU will work to ensure Ukraine’s economic and military resilience, through continuous political, financial, military and humanitarian support. The EU stands by its promise to support Ukraine and its people. Once again, on the occasion of Ukraine National Day, we wish Ukrainians in Kuwait and all of Ukraine’s friends in Kuwait and beyond a Happy and Safe Ukraine’s Independence Day.

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