Indian ambassador hails digital transformation at Kuwait Times

By Shakir Reshamwala

KUWAIT: Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Dr Adarsh Swaika visited the offices of Kuwait Times and Kuwait News on Thursday and met Deputy Editor-in-Chief Abdullah Boftain, Managing Editor Mustafa Qamhiya and Deputy Managing Editor Shakir Reshamwala.

Dr Swaika expressed his appreciation on visiting Kuwait Times and Kuwait News. “I got a very good bird’s-eye view of how you manage one of the leading English dailies of Kuwait and the region. I was very impressed to see how Kuwait Times has adapted so well to the new demands of digital print and news media,” he said, adding, “I wish Kuwait Times all the best!”

The ambassador toured various departments of Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, including the newsroom, printing press, studio and artistic coworking space of the paper. He was accompanied by Dr Vinod Gaikwad, Head of Chancery, Press, Information, Culture, Consular and Education at the Indian Embassy.

Dr Swaika also spoke about the historical relations between Kuwait and India and the ties that bind them, including the presence of a large number of Indian expatriates in Kuwait, who constitute the largest population of foreign residents in the country. He hoped to further build on these ties in various fields, including trade, infrastructure and healthcare.

Dr Swaika said it was “truly special” to be the ambassador of India to Kuwait, emphasizing it was like “being at home”. He said his Kuwaiti friends fondly remember their special connection to India, pointing out that ties between the two countries is a people-to-people relationship, so it is bound to be a long-lasting one. “And that is what the India-Kuwait story has been,” he added.

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