Indonesian Embassy holds ‘Be a Hero and Save Lives’ initiative

Ambassador of Indonesia, H.E. Lena Mariana praised Kuwait’s strong and supportive position for the Palestinian people, which was embodied in the aid that Kuwait continues to provide through the daily air bridge to the Palestinians of Gaza.

Ambassador Mariana was speaking on the sidelines of the ‘Be a Hero and Save Lives’ event, organized by the Indonesian Embassy and initiated by Indonesian Nurses Association in Kuwait (INAK), to donate blood at the Sheikha Salwa Al-Sabah Center last week.

She added that the Indonesian community came to donate blood on the occasion of the Indonesian ‘Heroes’ Day’, which the country celebrates on 10 November of every year. She noted that “about 100 Indonesian citizens donated their blood for the residents of Gaza who are suffering because of the war.

“As you know, Indonesia stands with the Palestinian people and defends them,” noting that “we have an Indonesian hospital in the Gaza Strip, and our government sent a very advanced ship, equipped with a hospital to the sea opposite the Gaza Strip, to perform the most important surgical operations.

“We also sent many relief and medical materials,” said the ambassador, noting that about two million people gathered last Sunday in Central Jakarta to show their solidarity with Palestine.

The ambassador thanked the Sheikha Salwa Center for giving them the opportunity to donate blood, adding, “We cannot help the Palestinians directly, but we and Kuwait are by their side.”

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