KALD organizes tenth Parents Forum on ‘learning difficulties’

Amal Al-Sayer, the President of the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD), affirmed that the selection of “Executive Functions” as the central theme for this year’s forum was driven by its crucial role in comprehending the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities, including those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and those encountering learning difficulties.

During her address at the tenth Parents Forum, titled “Deficiency in Executive Functions between Understanding and Optimal Coexistence: Practical Applications,” held the day before yesterday at the Women’s Cultural and Social Association headquarters with the support of Mabarrah, the Charity Projects Foundation, Al-Sayer explained that experts in learning disabilities propose labeling this condition as “executive dysfunction disorder,” reports Al-Rai daily.

Emphasizing the significance of executive functions in comprehending and addressing the challenges associated with dysfunction, particularly among students with ADHD and those facing learning difficulties, Al-Sayer highlighted the relevance of this year’s forum topic.

Parents demonstrated keen interest in the subject, actively participating in the forum by posing numerous questions. Researchers delved into various aspects, including memory types, reasons for student attention deficits, foods that enhance memory, and strategies to boost memory efficiency. Practical applications were provided to enhance both memory and attention.

The researchers also offered insights and practical solutions for managing emotional and feeling-related issues that may be challenging for students with ADHD to control. Dr. Hoda Shaaban, a psychological consultant, presented three key strategies for time management and priority setting: organizing space, managing time, determining priorities, and employing motivating strategies to initiate and complete tasks.

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