KFAS participates in K-SAT 1 conference

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and members of the first Kuwaiti satellite team (KuwaitSat-1) participated in the Small Satellites Conference which was hosted by the University of Utah recently, where they reviewed the stages that the first Kuwaiti satellite went through from the idea until the launch.

The Foundation said that “its support and funding for the participation of the Kuwaiti team are aimed at informing the parties participating in the conference about Kuwait’s efforts in the satellite project. It is a project affiliated with Kuwait University in cooperation with a number of government agencies, such as the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and the Environment Public Authority.”

“The first Kuwaiti satellite team presented at the conference, which is considered the largest global gathering specializing in small satellites, a scientific paper in which it reviewed the project of that satellite from the beginning of the design until the launch, then the capture and analysis of signals and data, including the first Kuwaiti image of Kuwait from space,” it added.

It explained that the conference touched on many important topics related to small satellite technology, its future, and its applications, such as “the study of the earth and other planets, the space climate, and the distant depths of the universe, as well as presenting the experiences of university students in the field of designing and manufacturing educational satellites.”

The conference witnessed wide participation with the attendance of nearly 4,000 participants from different countries of the world and included other activities, including posters and publications for the projects of university students and researchers specializing in the field of space, especially small satellites. The first Kuwaiti satellite was launched into space on January 3 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, USA, under the slogan “Kuwait to Space”.

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