‘Knights of Industry’ program students visit Kuwait Times and Kuwait News

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Students from Kuwait Industries Union’s “Knights of Industry” program, in collaboration with LOYAC, visited Kuwait Times and Kuwait News with the aim of getting an educational and eye-opening experience in journalism. The students were exposed to the world of journalism, helping them understand how news is researched, written, published and posted on social media.

PR and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb gave students a glimpse into the history of Kuwait Times, which boasts a rich and storied history that spans over six decades as the first English-language daily in the Arabian Gulf. Over the years, the Kuwait Times has adapted to the evolving media landscape, transitioning to digital formats while preserving its commitment to delivering timely and accurate news.

Kuwait Times Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Partner and Manager of Kuwait News Abdullah Boftain introduced the students to ‘Fedha’, the first AI presenter in Kuwait, telling them the importance of being up to date with today’s technology. Content creator Dhoha Al-Issa told students how Kuwait Times is adapting to the social media world, where visual news is now spreading faster and wider, pointing to the explosion of newsreels driven by the rapid proliferation of smartphones and social media platforms, which has led to urgent action to keep up with the trend.

Meanwhile, Deputy Managing Editor Faten Omar highlighted the importance of journalism, revealing that journalists play a vital role in uncovering and reporting on issues that affect the public while fostering an informed citizenry that is essential for a thriving democracy and a well-informed society. At the end, Head of the Printing Department Al-Watheq Bellah Darwish took the students on a tour of the printing press, where he showed them the process of printing and how Kuwait Times’ staff run and maintain the presses, image scanners and other printing machines.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times’ PR and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb, content creator Dhoha and Kuwait New’s Hussain Assad welcome the students from Kuwait Industries Union’s ‘Knights of Industry’ program.

Fursan Al Sena’a (Knights of Industry) is a program that encourages the local industrial sector, highlighting its core importance in contributing to economic diversification. The program aims to familiarize Kuwaiti adolescents with the history of local industries and their current role in the prosperity of the local economy.

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