KPC maps out clean energy strategy

KUWAIT: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (the KPC), the umbrella body of the national oil companies, has mapped out a strategy and roadmap for low-emission energy transformation, the KPC Chief Executive Officer announced on Thursday. Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah said that in line with the 2040 KPC strategy and Kuwait’s international obligations to attain hydrocarbon neutrality by 2050, the corporation had worked out the strategy and the roadmap for processing the limited emission energy.

Sheikh Nawaf was addressing a seminar organized by the KPC research and technology division, themed “Kuwait’s third for hydrogen”. CEO of the participating Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum and Sustainable Energy Center (JCCP), Tsuyoshi Nakai, said Japanese companies were ready to cooperate with Kuwait in the clean energy realm.

The seminar, which involved energy strategy makers from local, regional, and international institutions, shed light on the hydrogen industry. In line with KPC’s Strategy 2040 and complementing Kuwait’s international commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, KPC has developed a roadmap for energy transformation designed to reduce emissions. The seminar is in line with the foundation’s strategy on energy transformation through the use of alternative and renewable energy to achieve the zero target.

The seminar helps to develop national competencies and expertise in this field by raising the awareness of oil manufacturers in Kuwait of the increasing development witnessed by the world towards energy transformation strategies and reliance on clean energy technologies and the policies and regulations followed globally. The Chief Executive Officer discussed the challenges faced by the world in securing clean energy, pointing out that the world is moving toward a shift in the field of energy, currently to reduce carbon emissions. – KUNA

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