KRCS offers urgent aid to Palestinians

GAZA: The Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) carried on providing urgent aid to Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing campaign dubbed “Kuwait besides you.” KRCS said in a statement that it has provided meals, bread, and the second batch of medical supplies to hospitals in Gaza. The campaign comes amid a death toll due to the Zionist barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip, which went up to 4,385 Palestinians, according to the Palestinian health authorities. The authorities added in a statement that the number of those injured went up to 13,561 people.

KRCS has been providing urgent aid to Palestinians that have been facing the occupation forces’ aggression for 15 days in a row. The society announced that it had donated three fully equipped ambulances for brothers in the Strip. KRCS’ Director General Abdurrahman Al-Aoun told KUNA in a statement that this donation is part of society’s humanitarian contributions during these current events in Gaza. He added that ambulances will be transported through Egypt when the Rafah crossing is opened, noting that this support aims to strengthen ambulances and emergency capabilities in the Strip to remain able to provide ambulance services to the Palestinian people.

Al-Aoun elaborated that the KRCS continues to distribute daily meals and loaves of bread in shelter centers, and it delivers some medical devices and supplies to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip. He pointed out that a convoy of relief and medical aid is currently prepared to enter the Gaza Strip in coordination and cooperation with the Egyptian and Palestinian Red Crescent Societies. Al-Aoun affirmed that the Palestinian issue is a “permanent issue” for the association and Kuwaiti people in general. He indicated that Kuwait would not hesitate to offer all possible relief, humanitarian aid, and development assistance to the brotherly Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, director general of the Wafa Foundation for Development and Capacity Building, Mohsen Atawneh, told KUNA that the KRCS has provided, through its team of volunteers and the foundation, hot meals to displaced families since the first day of the aggression on the Gaza Strip. He added that KRCS’ bakery has been approved, which covers a daily amount of bread for shelter centers and the displaced, in addition to supplying diesel to hospitals and providing large quantities of medicines and medical supplies. The move has an effective impact on mitigating the sufferings of the displaced families, he said.

‘Brutal bombing’

Meanwhile, Secretary-General Ahmad Aboul Gheit of the Arab League affirmed on Saturday the necessity of reaching an “immediate ceasefire” and ending the “brutal” bombing against the civilians of the Gaza Strip. In his speech at the Cairo Peace Summit, Aboul Gheit said that it is imperative to urgently open a safe corridor to deliver humanitarian aid to the entire Gaza Strip and ensure continued supplies of food, medicine, water, and energy. He indicated that the continuation of the current situation shows a clear and flagrant violation of international humanitarian law by the occupying entity, the “occupying power”.

The Arab League rejects all “types of targeting and violence against civilians without discrimination,” he said, noting that “all civilians are equal and the human soul has its sanctity”. Aboul Gheit called on all parties, mainly those not involved in the conflict, to bear responsibility, exercise restraint, and not open the way for any measure that may increase any possible confrontation or lead to its expansion.

He further urged all international main powers to get an urgent agreement on reaching a limited and clear scope for a comprehensive political settlement that helps Palestinians establish their independent state and live in peace. Meanwhile, Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki emphasized in his speech the union’s readiness to make all possible efforts to reach “just and comprehensive peace” and a two-state solution. He called for an immediate stop to violence and mobilized humanitarian support for food, water, and medicine. In addition, Faki called for the release of civilian hostages, mainly women and children.

UNRWA sets up tents

Meanwhile, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has established dozens of tents in western Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, to accommodate a large number of refugees. In a press statement issued Saturday, the agency, which is receiving more than 500,000 persons in southern Gaza, called for abidance by international humanitarian law and protecting civilians, civil infrastructure, and UN facilities.

It was noted that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) across Gaza is estimated at one million, half of whom live in UNRWA in the fifth governorate. About 17,000 displaced persons at the Khan Yunis training center affiliated with the UNRWA live in tough conditions, as there are very limited utilities, it was noted. More than 8,000 IDPs, including the agency’s workers, seek refuge at the UNRWA logistic base in Rafah, south of the Strip, it indicated.

The agency stressed that it continued its efforts at high levels to deliver sustainable humanitarian supplies, including medicine, water, fuel, and food, to the Strip. Since the aggression launched by the occupation forces on Gaza, sixteen UNRWA workers have been killed, in addition to the wounding of several others. — KUNA

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