KT through the lens

By Jana Khaldoun Alnaqeeb

PR & CSR Manager

I have the privilege of working in a place established 62 years ago, with the intention of pro­viding the public with news in a non-biased manner. Kuwait Times is attempting to change the printing media paradigm as it enters into a new digital era, while keeping in mind the enduring legacy of Mr Yousuf Al-Alyan and his team. To me, this era of Kuwait Times represents renewed visions of education, creativity, social responsibility, com­munication and journalism. Most importantly, using inte­grity as one of the primary virtues when providing the news and current events to the public.

Jana Khaldoun Alnaqeeb
PR & CSR Manager

In my humble attempt to simplify the world around me, I use black and white photography to remove all the noise that constantly surrounds us. Whether it is on our phone or laptop screens or billboards or even in our daily human interactions. My Leica M Monochrome, this tiny machine, is a great weapon for freezing moments and canceling the noise. We live in a time where everything is fighting for our attention, where technology and the processing of informa­tion is happening so quickly, that we forget to slow down and reflect on what we hear, read and see in the world. So I use my little machine to pay attention to the things around me and slow time in this rapid unyielding existence.

Hopefully, by capturing these images, I can both steal your attention for a fraction of a second and stop to notice what we might possibly notice. With this, I am inviting you to witness the world around you through my lens, in mono­chrome, so you can see all the things that I missed to notice. Take your time in gazing — I don’t mind! Enjoy.

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