KU director reviews preparedness for new academic year

KUWAIT: Acting Director of Kuwait University Dr Fayez Al-Dhafiri conducted an inspection tour of the Medical Sciences Center to assess the university’s preparedness for the upcoming 2024/2023 academic year. The purpose of the tour was to address any challenges that may hinder the needs of students, faculty members, administrative staff and all university visitors.

Accompanying Dr Dhafiri on the tour were Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, Director of the Office of the Rector of Kuwait University, Anoud Al-Rashidi, Acting Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, and Sheikha Al-Dakhil, Observer of Activities and Events in Scientific Colleges. The tour commenced with a visit to the Medical Sciences Center in Jabriya, starting at the College of Medicine.

Dr Dhafiri was warmly received by Dr Mona Al-Ahmad, the Acting Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr Heba Al-Husseini, Acting Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and Dr Ali Bouresli, Acting Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Affairs. Subsequently, the delegation visited the College of Allied Medical Sciences, where they were welcomed by Dr Muhammad Nazar, Acting Dean of the College of Allied Medical Sciences, and Dr Fahad Al-Mana, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.

The tour continued at the College of Dentistry, where Dr Rashid Al-Azmi, Acting Dean of the College of Dentistry, along with Dr Mai Khalaf, Acting Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr Fawaz Al-Zu’bi, Acting Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, and Dr Jaber Akbar, Acting Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Training, received the delegation.

Dr Dhafiri then proceeded to the College of Pharmacy, where he was greeted by Dr Maytham Khaja, Acting Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr Fatima Al-Saleh, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr Abdullah Al-Bassam, Assistant Dean for Consultations and Training, and Dr Willias Masocha, Assistant Dean for Research Affairs. During the tour, Dhafiri inspected classrooms, practical laboratories and various halls.

He also visited the Consulting and Training Center, the morgue of the Faculty of Medicine, and practical training facilities. Additionally, he held meetings with the deans and assistant deans of the faculties within the Medical Sciences Center, listening to their feedback. They reassured him that their colleges were fully prepared to welcome the new academic year. Dr Dhafiri emphasized the importance of these field tours, which originated from the faculties of the Medical Sciences Center.

He stated that the tours aim to assess the readiness of university sites for the commencement of a knowledge-rich academic year that enhances students’ skills. He also highlighted the significance of creating a positive image of the scientific disciplines offered at Kuwait University to cater to various student segments. He noted that this year, the university would welcome new batches of students and affiliates, as well as continuing students, and he wished them a successful academic year, a conducive study environment, and exceptional contributions that align with the society’s needs.

Dr Dhafiri added that the field tour covered the four colleges within the Medical Sciences Center — the College of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Dentistry and the College of Allied Medical Sciences. The tour aimed to assess their readiness and monitor the progress of the final exams for new students before the start of the academic year.

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