KU Forum shares concern on substantial revolution in AI technology

Several academics and experts argue that the world is currently undergoing a substantial revolution in artificial intelligence technology, necessitating the establishment of legislation and laws to alleviate concerns and address challenges.

Recently, the Kuwait University hosted the Artificial Intelligence Forum under the theme “Challenges, Development and Innovation,” drawing the participation of numerous government and private entities.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Rafi, Acting Director of Kuwait University for Academic Support Services, emphasized the ethical considerations arising from the widespread integration of artificial intelligence into daily life.

Al-Rafi stressed the urgency of conducting a comprehensive examination of these systems, focusing on enhancing credibility, ensuring respect for individuals, applying justice principles, and safeguarding confidentiality and privacy. He highlighted the importance of effective participation in decision-making, emphasizing the need to achieve these goals through respect for diversity, accessibility for all, and the elimination of disparities and discrimination.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Dhafiri, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services Supporting Community Service and Libraries at Kuwait University, affirmed that artificial intelligence has become an indispensable partner in community service.

He highlighted its significant contributions to time and effort savings and the reduction of tasks at academic and professional levels. The forum provided a platform to discuss challenges such as privacy, security, and bias, aiming to formulate policies addressing these issues.

Al-Dhafiri noted that temporary fears surrounding artificial intelligence will dissipate with the implementation of laws translating these challenges into actionable measures.

The forum featured an awareness exhibition with over 30 participants from various sectors, including lectures and introductory workshops. KUNA showcased its modern application, the virtual broadcaster “avatar” technology, launched in May, marking the news agency as the first in the Gulf and Arab region to adopt this innovative technology.

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