KU team ranks high in ‘Minus CO2’ challenge

KUWAIT: Kuwait University team qualified for the final stage before the final qualifiers in the Minus CO2 Challenge organized by the European Organization of Geologists and Engineers (EAGE) for the year 2023. This is for the first time Kuwait University participates in the Minus CO2 Challenge. The competition aims to allow participating students to develop plans and strategies that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, in line with the global vision for a sustainable environment.

Sultan Dowair
Miteb Al-Khuraynig

The competition included students from the Colleges of Science, Engineering and Petroleum to be the first cooperation of its kind in this field, which resulted in the team’s success in the first and second stages. The first and second stages witnessed intense competition with international universities, which resulted in the team qualifying ahead of the rest of the participants.

The team of Kuwait University students includes: Reem Al-Subaie and Sultan Dowai’er from the College of Engineering and Petroleum, in addition to Nuwayyer Al-Azmi and Mit’eb Al-Khuraynig from the College of Science. They got into the final stage before the final qualifiers, under the supervision of Dr Uhood Al-Salem, a faculty member in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences from the College of Science.

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