Kuwait and Japan Strengthen Military Cooperation

Embassy of Japan hosted a reception last week to celebrate the establishment of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in 1954. Speaking on the occasion, Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Morino Yasunari said, “It is my great pleasure to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces with representatives of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense and other friends from the diplomatic corps and other organizations.”

He added, “Over its 69-year history, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have become more effective and engaged in various activities to contribute to global peace. In particular, in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are working to enhance cooperation with our ally, the United States, and other partners to protect our country’s security and maintain peace and stability in the region. In addition, Japan adopted a new national security strategy in December last year, in addition to the National Defense Strategy, and is now seeking to significantly enhance our defense capabilities.”

He expressed hope for further development in cooperation between the Kuwaiti armed forces and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces through various exchanges, especially in the areas of education and individual training.

For his part, Major General Fahad Al-Otaibi, Director of Military Cooperation at the Ministry of Defense in Kuwait, emphasized the robust and growing relationship between Kuwaiti and Japanese military forces. He also highlighted the strong bond between the two nations’ military cultures, founded on principles of defense rooted in peaceful values and global cooperation.

Pointing out that Kuwaiti-Japanese defense relations have witnessed significant progress over the years,Major General Al-Otaibi revealed that plans were underway for joint training courses in Japan and Kuwait next year.

He also recalled the crucial role played by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in the Arabian Gulf in 1991 when they deployed their mine-sweeping vessels to join the coalition forces in removing mines from the Gulf. Their mission was to open maritime communication channels in the Gulf to ensure the safe passage of ships carrying supplies to the Kuwaiti people. He expressed gratitude for the substantial support provided by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to Kuwait.

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