Kuwait Municipality approves KD 55 M Souq Mubarakiya development project

KUWAIT: Municipal Council approved on Monday a plan to develop Souq Al-Mubarakiya, the adjacent parking spaces, nearby commercial areas and municipal park. “The main idea behind developing the area is the optimal use of all parts of Mubarakiya and the municipal park. As things stand now, there are many parts that do not have visitors. High turnout is currently only near the Mubarak kiosk and ‘Barahat Al-bahar’,” he added. The Council, chaired by Abdullah Al-Mehri, also approved a proposal to amend the hygiene and waste transport regulations, which include more than 30 items.

Committee Member Sharifa Al-Shalfan said last week that the new regulations, which include adding a section that tackles waste treatment and recycling, are an important step forward. The regulations also add the requirement of sorting of waste at the source for the first time in Kuwait. The council approved the consultative agreement on the study, design and preparation of contractual documents and supervision of implementation and maintenance of rainwater drainage in the northern, southern and western urban areas in Kuwait.

A photo shows a visualization of the proposed development to Souq Mubarakiya and surrounding areas.

It also approved the finance Ministry request to move the allocated site for Kuwait Municipality in Fintas, described as Fintas entertainment center in Eqaila area, block 5, in favor of Finance Ministry for material payment for social securities default. KD 55 million project Director of the Mubarkiya project Hassan Al-Kandari said the Mubarakiya development project will cost KD 55 million for a total built area of about 131,000 square meters, including 21,000 for commercial spaces. Kandari added that the project will be fully developed by the private sector through tenders.

“Mubarakiya area is one of the most important heritage and commercial areas in the State of Kuwait and at the Gulf level,” he said. He stressed the keenness of the Kuwait Municipality, which is the authority entrusted with the markets and its establishment, to follow-up, develop and supervise the markets so that this development is carried out by experienced engineering offices. The Mubarakiya area development project, said Kandari, will address the issues devaluating the area and undermining its economic worth. Social, environmental and economic factors, as well as the modern design of the area, are the main criteria taken into consideration in the development project.

This photo shows a 3D visualization of what an area of Souq Mubarakiya could look like after development.

The municipality will be reviewing the studies that have been previously done on the area, starting with aerial photographs and structural plans of the State of Kuwait, one of which was done in 1969 by the Italian Chancellor Brico Belgiogoso. “The Mubarakiya area is currently based on several sites, namely the streets of money changers, banks, old and popular markets, meat and vegetable markets,” he said. The new development will have cars enter the area only through tunnels.

“Visitors to the Mubarakiya area will enter and exit through the main entrances near the municipal park, Barahat Al-bahar parking, Gulf Bank parking, or the entrance opposite the Qibla School. Through those basements, they will head to the parking lots near the place where the visitor intends to visit,” he added. ““Sites that are not currently utilized will be used to complement the modern elements in the area, including (building) a boutique hotel, a mosque and museum named after Imam Abdulrahman Al-Faisal, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to a number of commercial buildings,” he added. – KUNA

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